Barkada ni Pedro

CEBU CITY – “Barkada ni Pedro,” also known as BNP, is an online prayer community dedicated for Blessed Pedro Calungsod, who will be canonized later today, October 21, 2012.

BNP aims to create a wider scope of prayer community worldwide using the social networking site Facebook. The group was formed by the Commission on Youth (COY) to spread information about Calungsod’s life, martyrdom, and his elevation to sainthood.

The group also aims to provide a sense of belongingness to the youth in a way that its member prays for others. Common petitions that the group offer during Friday’s mass at the Archdiocesan Youth Center are about health, work, relationships, family, studies, and employment. Check out more updates about Pedro Calungsod here

WATCH: Multimedia report produced by Team PROBee of Sun.Star website

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