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Belinda Granger

Belinda Granger Fast Facts


1. What’s your favorite part of the Ironman race?

I like it all but I have to admit my favourite part is the finish line with all the spectators cheering and calling your name…It is the most amazing feeling.

2. What’s your most difficult part of the Ironman race? For me it is the 30-35km mark in the marathon. Your mind starts to play tricks on you and your body is telling you to stop…It is a constant battle with your body and your head…One telling you to stop, the other telling you to keep on going.

3. Of your Ironman races, what’s the most memorable? All of them are memorable and all of them have a special place in my heart. I still remember my very first victory in Korea and my most recent in Taiwan this year. The most important thing when you line up to race an IM is to get to that finish line. To finish in first place is just the icing on the cake. I never take a win for granted…I cherish every win like it was my first.

4. Countries you’ve visited because of Ironman?
This is probably the best thing about our sport. My husband and I have had the opportunity to visit so many amazing places and have made the most wonderful friends as a result. We have just spent the last month in Spain and it was phenomenal. We were having dinner one night out on our balcony looking out over the ocean and we just pinched ourselves…We have the most amazing lives ever!

5. How many times have you joined Ironman in the Philippines? This will be my 3rd time racing the 70.3 but I have raced in the Philippines over a dozen times now and have spent months here training as well. This year alone I will race here three times. I love racing in the Philippines!

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