Online Visita Iglesia

Visit these churches by clicking on the play buttons. You may say your personal prayers or intentions while taking a tour to these churches in Cebu City.

Graphics by: Daryl D. Anunciado
Video by: Daryl D. Anunciado and Kim D. Yuhico
Video editing by: Daryl D. Anunciado

1 thought on “Online Visita Iglesia

  1. Greetings to you guys who did a splendid idea worthy of commendation touching the deeply religious nature of Filipinos. The Bisita Eglisia is one event we always do during Lenten Season. I did my prayers while visiting the churches touching the buttons. Except for the San Nicolas Church – i have visited all these churches indicated in real life. I am from Talisay City but had lived in Guadalupe, Mambaling, Salinas Drive, Gorordo Ave. during my younger years the reason I came to visit these churches. Right now, I’m here in Houston and felt touched by this concept you guys had done. It’s so lonely here and there is not much events depicting Lent Season. Our Catholic Parish here had Palms (udlot sa lukay) given to parishoners on Palm Sunday. Classes in school will be suspended only on Good Friday. I believe we Filipinos are truly blessed to be born in this country where Catholic Christian religion and belief is deeply ingrained in our hearts. Thank you guys.

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